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IT-Services need to be well engineered, thought through and reliable like a Bridge. 
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H.IT Solutions
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Services like...

Website development and Hosting

You want a Website to present your new Busines in the Web or to start your Blog?
No time to care about Hosting yourself?

Contact us and we can offer you possible Solutions for your desired Project. 

Webshop/CMS Add-Ons

A Simlpe Website with basic functionality like a contact form which serves as representation is not enough?

 Tell us your Projects needs and it might become reality faster than you think.


You don’t have the time to care about some PC Issues? Simply lacking time to research an Issue yourself?

No problem, Outsource your PC-Support and Let us solve your Issues.

Custom Scripting

Need a Script in vbs, Batch or Powershell to automate repetetive Tasks? 

Get in touch with us, we might be able to realize a solution for your needs.

Configuring SCCM

You want or currently have an SCCM-Environment and need a SCCM-Project done? 

Let us do all the dirty work and enjoy the Results you desire. 

AUtomate software instalations

You are tired of clicking ‘next’ about 10 times? Too many Clients to configure and maintain your Software the manual way? 

Let us automate this hassle so you can focus on your Business!

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